Plan & Shoot Your Project

All good projects start with a plan.  To begin, select your desired project type from our Make Video page.  You'l be prompted to fill out a quick Production Plan to get more info about your awesome vision.  This helps you focus on achieving the goals of your video and helps your VDOMKR Editor understand your vision.



Upload Your Project

Once your project is submitted, we'll match you up with an editor best suited for your project and get you setup in our Cloud Workflow tool.  There you can upload all the media you want included in your project including, graphics, text for titles, music, photos and of course, video.



VDOMKR Edits Your Video

Once all your media is uploaded, your VDOMKR Editor gets to work. If you have questions or additional information on your project, you can always reach out to your editor during this time.  As your editor works, you will also be able to provide real-time feedback through the tool!



Your Video is Social-Ready!

All video packages get 1 Rough Cut and 1 Final Cut.  This Final Cut is yours to do as you wish!  You can upload to your favorite video sharing site, burn it to a DVD, project it on the side of a building, whatever!  Get your message out there with Video!