VDOMKR is an online platform providing customers access to tools and services for creating professional quality video on a budget.



  • What is VDOMKR?
    • VDOMKR (pronounced “Video Maker”) is a web-based video production platform. We plan to build a robust set of services to improve your video creation by streamlining and simplifying the production workflow.  In essence, our platform will serve as an easy way for you to plan your video and get you connected with a real, live professional video editor via the cloud to make your vision a reality.  Keep in touch to stay up to date on all we have coming!


  • What types of projects can I do?
    • It’s really up to how creative you want to be, but here are some common types of projects:
      • Business: Interview, Webisode, Commercial/Ad, Product Demo, Business Profile, Testimonial, Real Estate/Property, Corporate Training, Crowdfunding Campaign
      • Creative Music Video, Behind-the-Scenes. Live Event
      • Personal: Wedding, Travel, Family Event


  • Who edits my footage?
    • Our editors go through a strict screening process before becoming part of VDOMKR.  We guarantee our editors are experienced professionals that match our style and dedication.  Your editor could be across the country or around the corner, but will always be available during your project via the web.  Isn't technology amazing?!


  • I need to create frequent videos.  Can I get a discount?
    • Yes!  We are currently designing and building our subscription service that will give our customers a wider range of services and allow for a discount on productions.  In the meantime, just drop us a line via the Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to talk about a discount.
    • In addition, we offer our Powered by VDOMKR service to agencies, studios, production houses and photographers needed an extra set of hands in a pinch. Contact Us to find out more.

Getting Started

  • How do I get started?

    • On the Make Video page select the package that best suits your project.  When you add the project to your cart you will be prompted to fill out a brief Production Plan.  Once you check-out, we’ll be in touch via email to get the project started and get you on the way to your finished video.


  • What information do I need to provide for my project?
    • Each project starts with a plan.  The VDOMKR Production Plan, available during checkout, will help you plan your video and help your editor complete the project to your liking.  Along with the plan, you will provide all media (video, pictures, text, music, etc.) for your project.  We’ll handle all the “behind the scenes” work to polish it and make it ready for prime-time!


  • What if I already shot some footage without a project plan?
    • No problem!  The plan just helps refine your ideas.  You can still fill out the project plan to help the editor get on the same page as you and continue on with your project.


  • How do payments work?
    • Customers pay upfront for the editing services, however, these funds are held by VDOMKR until the project is completed to your satisfaction.  The editor is only paid at the end of a project once everything has been completed.  If there are issues or disputes, VDOMKR will review all correspondence and video cuts to make a determination on next steps to resolve.

Working with VDOMKR

  • How do I upload my media?
    • Within 24 hours after submitting your Project Summary you will receive a link.  Each project will get dedicated cloud storage accessible by only you and your editor where you can upload virtually any kind of media file.  Once all the media is uploaded, your editor will get to work creating your video.


  • Do I have to own the right to all the media I upload?
    • As the owner of the final video, it's up to you to control how you use the video and the rights associated with that use.  Using a video for commercial purposes online can be more complex than a family video you are just viewing in your home.  All customers are responsible for any copyrights or legal releases necessary for their video.  If you need license-free music, check out a few of our favorite resources here: Vimeo Music | Creative Commons Music Links | Free Music Archive


  • I shot my entire event/wedding/concert and have tons of footage that I want edited into a highlight reel or shorter video.  Can you do this?
    • Absolutely!  Making something short and sweet out of the best moments you captured is a great way to keep memories alive or show off your best talents.  Because we use real live editors, we have an Extra Footage charge for footage over 30 minutes in length.  This covers the additional time it takes the editor to sift through and find the good parts.  It's a flat fee of $50 per 30 minutes of extra footage.  So, your 2 hour football game uploaded in it's entirety will come with an extra $150 surcharge.  Note: The upload surcharge is waived for Subscription customers.

Are you an Editor looking for work?

  • I’m an editor and would like to learn more about working with VDOMKR.