New Year, New Company

VDOMKR (pronounced “Video Maker”)

Today we begin what we hope is a fun, challenging and productive journey. With VDOMKR we want to enable creative minds to turn ideas into realities.  Our goal is to provide the tools and resources people need to produce high quality video content. The services and products VDOMKR plans to develop will inspire and enable everyone from the novice creator to experienced professional. We cannot wait to see what our customers will do with what we are building.

Now is a great time to get into this space.  Video production is becoming more and more mainstream with the increasing abilities of mobile phones shooting 1080p and over 100 million internet users watching online video a day.  More content is certainly a good thing, but now it’s time to refine.  

That’s where VDOMKR comes in.  This problem of refinement, especially for professionals looking to build or maintain a brand and web presence that rises above competitors, is certainly challenging.  The New York Times recently published an article discussing some solutions for the everyday videographer.  We want to take it a step further.  VDOMKR will help you organize ideas into cohesive storyboards, shoot them armed with the skills to make your footage look great and edit your production into it’s final Primetime-ready form.  With 100 hours of content uploaded every minute to YouTube, we understand how important it is to set yourself apart from competition.

This is a journey for us as entrepreneurs that we hope is as rewarding and meaningful for those we work with and collaborate with as it is for us. Let's put our best minds together to create something amazing!