But What If I Can’t Afford a Video For Thousands of Dollars?

Introducing our first guest blog post! This one comes from our friend Brian @ SeaSites, a leading video production company in Connecticut.

We recently spoke at a conference on tourism. The topic was "How To Use Video To Market Your Business". Noticed there are many small companies out there whose businesses could benefit tremendously from video content, but may not have a lot of money to spend on the production. So I decided to write this.

One of the best ways to help companies market their brand, increase awareness, and get their message out is through video. No one needs to be convinced anymore that video is arguably the most powerful form of marketing for most businesses.

But, there are millions of small businesses who can't afford to hire Wieden+Kennedy to create and produce their videos. For most businesses starting out, a few thousand dollars for video production is still a huge stretch. Not to mention the need to be creating new content regularly. So the question is, how does a business with a limited budget create videos?

How to create videos without spending thousands of $:

  • College or High School Students: Find college or high school students in the film industry who are looking to build their portfolio. Network through friends or search on craigslist.
  • Wedding Videographers: Many times you can find young wedding videographers who are also looking to build their portfolio/business and have very reasonable prices. Wedding videographers are incredibly hard workers and usually have a taste for quality work. Their businesses may be seasonal and are looking to pick up projects in the off season. Google wedding videographers in the area you live.
  • Do It Yourself: Buy a consumer grade camera for less than $1,000, learn how to use it and you’ll never have to pay anyone to film for you. We financed our first camera through best buy. It’s the “teach a man to fish” theory. Plus you can visit YouTube University and learn how to operate the camera.
  • Editing: Purchase the Adobe Creative Suite editing software for $50 a month and teach yourself how to edit. I understand this will take a lot of time and effort, but it's a great way to limit the cost.
    • There are editing resources like VDOMKR where you're able to upload raw video footage along with how you’d like the video edited. They have a network of professional editors and will create you a high quality video for a reasonable cost. This includes, graphics, music, and many more features.
  • Amateur Style: Use your smartphone. This is pretty much why Youtube, Instagram, and Vine exist. Create a short informational video that's relevant to your business and that you think will add value to your customers. Don’t be too concerned about having a high quality production video on these platforms. Just create content you think your target demographic will enjoy and see what happens.

Thanks for reading,