How to pick music for your video

How to pick music for your video

Music is arguably the most emotional art form. It can inspire, sadden, excite and motivate people in all sorts of ways. Coupled with video, music can have tremendous impact.  So, how do you pick music for your video with the right permissions for commercial use?

There are plenty of options, so the process should be simple and fun. In the end, music will help support your messaging and storytelling to help you engage with your audience on a deeper level.

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But What If I Can’t Afford a Video For Thousands of Dollars?

Introducing our first guest blog post! This one comes from our friend Brian @ SeaSites, a leading video production company in Connecticut.

We recently spoke at a conference on tourism. The topic was "How To Use Video To Market Your Business". Noticed there are many small companies out there whose businesses could benefit tremendously from video content, but may not have a lot of money to spend on the production. So I decided to write this.

One of the best ways to help companies market their brand, increase awareness, and get their message out is through video. No one needs to be convinced anymore that video is arguably the most powerful form of marketing for most businesses.

But, there are millions of small businesses who can't afford to hire Wieden+Kennedy to create and produce their videos. For most businesses starting out, a few thousand dollars for video production is still a huge stretch. Not to mention the need to be creating new content regularly. So the question is, how does a business with a limited budget create videos?

How to create videos without spending thousands of $:

  • College or High School Students: Find college or high school students in the film industry who are looking to build their portfolio. Network through friends or search on craigslist.
  • Wedding Videographers: Many times you can find young wedding videographers who are also looking to build their portfolio/business and have very reasonable prices. Wedding videographers are incredibly hard workers and usually have a taste for quality work. Their businesses may be seasonal and are looking to pick up projects in the off season. Google wedding videographers in the area you live.
  • Do It Yourself: Buy a consumer grade camera for less than $1,000, learn how to use it and you’ll never have to pay anyone to film for you. We financed our first camera through best buy. It’s the “teach a man to fish” theory. Plus you can visit YouTube University and learn how to operate the camera.
  • Editing: Purchase the Adobe Creative Suite editing software for $50 a month and teach yourself how to edit. I understand this will take a lot of time and effort, but it's a great way to limit the cost.
    • There are editing resources like VDOMKR where you're able to upload raw video footage along with how you’d like the video edited. They have a network of professional editors and will create you a high quality video for a reasonable cost. This includes, graphics, music, and many more features.
  • Amateur Style: Use your smartphone. This is pretty much why Youtube, Instagram, and Vine exist. Create a short informational video that's relevant to your business and that you think will add value to your customers. Don’t be too concerned about having a high quality production video on these platforms. Just create content you think your target demographic will enjoy and see what happens.

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Boost your Vlog: Simplify with the Pros


Vlogging (Video Blogging) has become a popular medium for sharing stories, talking about your ideas or just documenting daily activities.  It takes your audience beyond the text of a blog post and provides them with engaging video content to better convey your message. The key to any Vlog is consistency.  Whether you want to post daily, weekly or monthly, you always want to have a consistent look and feel for your viewers. One of our favorite filmmakers, Casey Neistat (YouTube Channel), does regular vlogging through Snapchat, which provides a great platform for quick, short videos.  However, if you want something a little more polished, and permanent, you may need to opt for something like a YouTube channel or website.  In doing so, there are many things you should do to up the quality of your video content.

For most people, writing and creating the content is their passion and focus.  Post-production is probably not in your wheelhouse if you are vlogging about the latest makeup trends or home renovation projects.  So, here’s where VDOMKR comes in!  We want you to focus on what you know best and let us help get your videos ready for your audience without the headache of editing.


Today we are launching a subscription based service for vloggers making multiple videos a month.  With this subscription you get access to the same editor every time, so your videos all have the same look and feel, and you get to build a better working relationship with a professional editor.  You also get a 15% discount on every video you do.

More details and features will be added to this service as we continue to grow.  For now, contact us if you have questions or are interested in setting up an account.

Make better video. Make more video!

I need video, but where do I start? - 3 Basic Steps

That's the most common question we get.  Today, everyone understands the power of video.  Whether you have a product or brand to represent or just a great story that needs to be told, you know how valuable video is to convey that message.  But where do you begin?  How do you actually get the right footage?  Here are 3 basic steps to get you started.

Idea: Ok, so you have a great idea.  Now write it out!  Use a storyboard to think through the flow and write out the script.  Read it aloud.  Make adjustments.  Planning will help ensure your video clearly and concisely articulates your message.  Most importantly, have fun with this phase!  No idea is bad in the beginning.  As the creative juices get flowing, you never know what brilliant tagline or opening scene you will think of to grab your audience.


Shooting: Now on to the more technical stuff.  There are a few things you will need in terms of equipment and setup.  All VDOMKR customers get a Custom Production Checklist for their projects once they sign up for an editing package, but here are a few basics:

  • HD Camera with plenty of digital storage space (extra SD cards are always a good idea)
  • Tripod
  • Good lighting (bring your own or use that big bright thing in the sky!)
  • Microphone (especially if there is a lot of background noise at your shooting location)

That's basically it.  Scouting your location ahead of time for things like power outlets, optimal time for natural light and noise are always a good idea.  Do a test shot and then take a look at that shot from your TV or computer to make sure everything looks and sounds best.

BONUS TIP: Use a secondary camera like a mobile phone or GoPro to get auxiliary angles/shots.  This is particularly effective in interview style videos to add visual change to the video, rather than just a single camera shooting a single subject.

Post-Production: If you are reading this on the VDOMKR blog, well you know what I'm going to say here.  Use VDOMKR to edit all your gorgeous footage into a professional looking video!  Select one of our editing packages, choose any add-ons you wish and check out!  Your video will be edited by one of our amazing editors and be ready in just a few days.

Have questions about shooting video?  Contact us on Twitter, Facebook, email, carrier pigeon, whatever!  We would love to help you get started and ensure your production comes out exceeding your expectations.