Strength in numbers thanks to our blossoming professional video editor community


Since January, our roster of professional video editors has grown 120%!  We’ve added talent in music video editing, digital design, animation and storytelling.  The immense talent and passion our creative freelancers have is truly inspirational.  Our talent roster is the lifeblood of VDOMKR and our technology and platform are merely tools to unleash their creativity and wisdom upon the masses.

What does it mean to be an editor for VDOMKR? Well, we like to think it’s pretty straightforward.  We personally interview and evaluate each applicant.  We look at skills, latest portfolio of work and personality fit.  Editors who match our vision and desired skill-set are added to the roster.  When a new project comes in, we match editor to project that’s the right fit in terms of skills and timing.  Easy, right?

Editors enjoy working with us because they can enhance their skills, pick up extra jobs that fit their schedule and get to work with cool people at cool brands. All VDOMKR editors get access to our Editor Portal. Just because you're between projects doesn’t mean we leave you out in the cold. The Editor Portal contains useful info about working with VDOMKR, great resources you can use on VDOMKR projects and other projects as well as a forum for chatting with other editors. Our goal is to make a collaborative environment to work, share and generally become better.

Our motto, “Make Better Video,” doesn’t just apply to the output, but also to all the inputs throughout the process.

Join us or refer a friend today!