Introducing New Editing Packages and Storyboards

Spring is an exciting time of year when children are frolicking and flowers are blossoming.  

And it’s no different here at VDOMKR where we continue to blossom.

After a year of tinkering and one cold snowy New York winter, we are proud to announce a new product line up that allows customers to choose a specific type of video to best suit their needs.  No longer based on video length, we now provide VDOMKR customers with a number of editing packages based on video type.   Additionally, the new packages come equipped with customized project storyboards to make the video making process even easier.

From Crowdfunding to a Family Vacation, you can now choose an editing package based on the type of video you want to create.  Our goal is to give you complete creative control in the video production process while making it as simple as possible to make great video.  These new tools make it easier than ever to be your own director by providing a basic outline specific for your video type.  You have the flexibility to follow our guideline or run away with it, but at least you now know where to start.  Click here to learn more and see for yourself.

Don’t see your video type? Worry not! For we will be launching more over the next few weeks, so check back soon!