How to pick music for your video

Music is arguably the most emotional art form. It can inspire, sadden, excite and motivate people in all sorts of ways. Coupled with video, music can have tremendous impact.  So, how do you pick music for your video with the right permissions for commercial use?

There are plenty of options, so the process should be simple and fun. In the end, music will help support your messaging and storytelling to help you engage with your audience on a deeper level.


Start with a purpose. When selecting an editing package from VDOMKR, you will fill out a project brief that helps you identify the purpose and audience of your video. This is an opportunity for you to start thinking about the look, tone and feel of your video, which will drive the style of music you need.

Next, set your budget for music and start browsing through options. If you don’t know where to start with a budget, that’s fine. Once you start browsing you will quickly see what you can get for free, small budgets and big budgets. In our opinion, you really don’t need a big budget at all. Plenty of sites offer free or very inexpensive licenses on fantastic music for video.

Some of our favorites are:

Sample tracks against some footage you have to see how you like it. You can open the footage in a video player on your computer and then hit “play” on one of the sites simultaneously to see how it comes together.

Still not sure what to do about music in your video? No problem, just select the royalty free add-on and let our pros handle it for you. Your editor will know your project inside and out, so can provide his expert opinion to match the style of your video.