This is where the magic happens.

Start with a plan

We all know the power of a great video. We’ve all experienced a video that has moved us emotionally. Maybe it made you buy something, maybe it made you get involved in an organization, maybe it changed your entire outlook on life. Either way, those videos, which you were just sitting and watching, made you physically do something. That’s the power of video.

But it doesn’t start there. That’s the final outcome of lots of planning, effort and creativity. When the creators of those videos first sat down, they just had an idea. Then they started refining that idea. Then they produce and collected the video footage, photos and music. The editor has to shape all those raw materials into something magical, powerful, entertaining, moving. The raw materials are nothing without this editing step. Even the raw footage from Hollywood movies looks terrible until it’s in the edit phase. (Seriously, go watch the behind-the-scenes cuts of your favorite movies.)

Today, VDOMKR is helping provide the “magicians” to turn raw materials into powerful video. Also, our Project Brief will help you during the planning phase of your project to ensure the messaging and goals of your video are clearly laid out. In addition, we’re introducing a Shooting Guide to assist in getting the best footage for your project.

So now, when you work with VDOMKR, you get help planning, shooting and editing your video. Together we can create better video around the web. Download the Shooting Guide today and start planning your next video!