Boost your Vlog: Simplify with the Pros


Vlogging (Video Blogging) has become a popular medium for sharing stories, talking about your ideas or just documenting daily activities.  It takes your audience beyond the text of a blog post and provides them with engaging video content to better convey your message. The key to any Vlog is consistency.  Whether you want to post daily, weekly or monthly, you always want to have a consistent look and feel for your viewers. One of our favorite filmmakers, Casey Neistat (YouTube Channel), does regular vlogging through Snapchat, which provides a great platform for quick, short videos.  However, if you want something a little more polished, and permanent, you may need to opt for something like a YouTube channel or website.  In doing so, there are many things you should do to up the quality of your video content.

For most people, writing and creating the content is their passion and focus.  Post-production is probably not in your wheelhouse if you are vlogging about the latest makeup trends or home renovation projects.  So, here’s where VDOMKR comes in!  We want you to focus on what you know best and let us help get your videos ready for your audience without the headache of editing.


Today we are launching a subscription based service for vloggers making multiple videos a month.  With this subscription you get access to the same editor every time, so your videos all have the same look and feel, and you get to build a better working relationship with a professional editor.  You also get a 15% discount on every video you do.

More details and features will be added to this service as we continue to grow.  For now, contact us if you have questions or are interested in setting up an account.

Make better video. Make more video!